Excluding Sales Tax

Desire a texture or length that's not in stock or on our website? No problem, get EXACTLY what you want at a discounted price when you place a pre-order.


Customers are able to place a pre-order whenever they like, keep in mind we send orders to our vendor on the 2nd & 4th MONDAYS of the month.


To place a pre-order please follow these steps.

1. Check out the pre-order list, select desired texture/ length.

2. Send email to with desired length/texture.

3. Pay invoice within 24hrs.

4. Wait for arrival of hair. 


Due to hair being imported from India, shipping could take 7-14 BUSINESS days for order to arrive. We will email customers with updates throughout the entire process. 

  • Returns/Exchanges

    Absolutley NO REFUNDS! Please double check your order BEFORE placing.